Hey beauties!

I’m Chelsey. Writer and enthusiast of all things β€œBeauty, Fashion and Mental Health” related. I decided to challenge myself and try blogging. It’s yet to be decided how well I’m going to keep this up but I’m hoping to commit myself to the world of blogging.

I am choosing to write about the things I like, the things I felt passionate about. Beauty, fashion, mental health and all significant parts of my life. I’ve been enthusiastic about all things fashion and beauty since a young age and even though I’m no makeup artist I hope to instil some wisdom or useful tips into those just starting to familiarise themselves with makeup or fashion. Mental Health is also extremely important to me. I was diagnosed with anxiety just after my 17th birthday after struggling with it for almost 3 years. I hope to give tips and advice to those that may also be struggling or just offer a warm hand to those that need support as I am aware of what it feels like to be alone.

If one thing comes from this blog, I hope to make people feel happy. Happiness at the end of the day makes the world go round doesn’t it?

Happy reading…

Chelsey XO